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TWITL – week twenty – laughing with love

The week ended with lots of laughter and I think I didn’t realize how much I needed it. So to my CPN lovelies– THANK YOU for Saturday night. And extra thanks to Aleks Paunovic for bringing us together.

The CPN Zoom


“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Yes, I’m writing a new story! I was sitting at home after work, playing games on my phone and this story just started acting out in my head. It’s a romance (of course) and I’m not sure why I’m calling it Marcus the Junior Matchmaker when Marcus isn’t actually the main character. He’s the third main character but not sure I’m going to give him POV chapters. We shall see… The main male character is being played by someone I haven’t used as a main character so this will be interesting. I think it’s weird and interesting how much of the plot is in my head…

Blindspot S5e02


Blindspot – The second episode of the season had me emotional for some reason. It was Patterson. She almost made me cry. What the hell? It was good episode and I cannot wait until Madeline Burke gets hers. The whole thing is so maddening!

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – This show is so well done but I wouldn’t call it a comfortable watch. So many things infuriate me but it’s not because the show isn’t fantastic. It just brings to light attitudes that I know exist but just aren’t easy to watch. This iteration of the show is not as subtle as the first series but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Natalie Dormer is doing such an amazing job playing so many different characters. The different plot threads have gotten me hooked…

01 - Pilot
from the pilot of The Player


  • I just figured out I can do screenshots of my iTunes movies/shows on my desktop computer. SO COOL! I also figured out that I can NOT do screenshots if I’m playing videos on Chrome but I can when I’m playing videos on Firefox. SO WEIRD. I’m pretty excited about the ability to screenshot my iTunes stuff…
  • Barry Zito had his birthday on the 13th and I did a quick photo edit of our one picture together from 2002 (OMG) and posted to my IG story. He saw it (because I tagged him) and then he reposted it to his IG story with a thank you. How sweet!
  • I’m finding it a little difficult to keep my focus when I work from home. I stay at my desk with my work stuff open (email, Word or Excel, OneNote, web browser pointing to the work website). I try to keep a routine so that it feels like work but it’s not easy. And I truly have it easy compared to other people. I need to be more mindful…
  • I cooked on my own for a Hello Fresh meal. It turned out decently. I do not know how people can cook every day after a day of work. No wonder we’ve never taken up cooking. It just seems easier to order something or go out. I know, I’m spoiled.

And poetry to end the post…

it wasn’t just the drinks
bubbling and mixing
with laughter and freedom
it wasn’t just the music
pulsing and weaving
every step drawing you close
it wasn’t just the night
shocking and cool
after the heat of the crowd
it wasn’t just the ride
intention in every mile
to that place called home
it wasn’t just the promise
whispered on my skin
ramping up the anticipation
it was the two of us
turning one night
into a prelude
it was the two of us
exchanging the heart
of our souls
it was the two of us
no longer searching
because it was forever