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TWITL – week twenty-two – the world and such

if we admit this is love
has forever already started
if I tell you I can’t remember
not having you by my side
will you admit the same
if we take the next step together
something new yet timeless
will we weather all the storms
as well as the calm
if we admit this is love
do we bind our souls together
ready for anything
certain when faced with the unknown
knowing this is all we need

Avengers: Infinity War
Chris Evans as Captain America, just because…


Defending Jacob – The Apple TV+ show dropped the last episode of the series and we finally watched it last night. I can honestly say that if Chris Evans was not in the series, I probably wouldn’t have gotten past the first episode. I thought it was well done and well acted but I was not as emotionally invested in the characters. Were we supposed to make our own conclusions on Jacob’s guilt? Just because he was a little creepy doesn’t necessary make him a killer, right? Were we supposed to make a decision from the very detailed story he wrote? They did not demonstrate another instance where he wrote stories so does this one story mean that he was the killer? What would the jury have concluded? All of these are interesting and valid questions. I was hoping for something, even just one thing that was concrete, that could be argued either way so that the ambiguous ending was not so frustrating. I found the ending extremely frustrating. Did Andy believe his son was innocent? Did Laurie truly know that her son was a liar and therefore a killer?… Chris Evans was great on the show and his emotions kept me hooked even if his character’s actions frustrated me. I don’t know if it was the writing or the actress herself but I was a little cold towards Laurie until the last few episodes. Michelle Dockery is a capable actor so perhaps it was the way the character was written. And of course, Jaeden Martell was duly impressive. He was creepy as hell and yet, you could almost believe he might be innocent. He did a really good job. I also really liked Pablo Schreiber as Neal Logiudice. So well done.

Thor Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth as Thor, just because


“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Not sure if this title is going to hold. Even though he’s had a couple of point of view chapters, he’s not really interacted with the two main characters in a meaningful way except in the beginning. Maybe I need to integrate him more into the story… I love getting to know my characters and their world. It’s probably not a coincidence that I use my city here as a basis for the town in my stories. Of course, it’s not like anyone is going to read my stories. Maybe…

Thor Ragnarok


This Chris Hemsworth thing is burning hot and bright. I can’t seem to stop doing screenshots of his various works. It’s just so easy and fun and really good for my writing. Is it going to be one of those lasting things or is he a distraction until I settle on someone else? I really don’t know. What I do know is that my Jack Whitehall thing has cooled considerably even though I still think he’s adorable. Hey, it was fun while it lasted.


The hubby switched to Android! This happens every few years. He decides he wants something new and he goes Android. This time around, it’s the Galaxy S20. Gosh, what a pretty phone! Before it was delivered, we watched a whole bunch of YouTube reviews of the phone, as well as other Android phones. I’m starting to wonder if it’s time for me to make the switch or if I should wait until the next iPhone? I’ll probably wait until the next iPhone unless the hubby’s phone entices me enough to want to switch to Android (though not necessarily his phone model)…

Thor Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston behind the scenes of Thor Ragnarok

The world at large…

I don’t talk about world events very much on my personal blog but perhaps this moment in time, I should reflect a little.

The murder of George Floyd was infuriating and cruel and rage inducing. Even though it is utterly heartbreaking to watch a man die on camera, I am glad that there were people there with the wherewithal to turn their cameras to the scene. We should all bear witness to such an act, to realize horrible people do exist. How can a human being do such a thing to another human being? How can you just disregard the very real plea in his last words?

I am glad that piece of garbage has been arrested and charged. I hope consequences fall on those other officers on scene, those men who did nothing to stop the cruelty and are therefore accessories to murder.

I worked for a sheriff’s department for eight years and I got to know many police officers during that time. I would like to think that those men and women who still wear the badge look upon that video with abject horror. I would like to think that if someone in their ranks pulled that kind of shit, they’d be on him or her in a heartbeat. I would like to believe that most of them don’t look on their fellow human beings as lesser beings but I know that this isn’t true. I know there are some out there who are so power tripped they think they can do whatever they want. I know that because they’re only exposed to the criminal element, they start to see people who aren’t criminals as potential criminals because of the color of their skin. I understand the ones who actually walk and drive the streets of a city see different things than we do. I understand that the fear can seep so far into them that they go too quickly towards suspicion and aggression.

I sometimes wonder if I get a pass in certain situations because 1) I’m female, 2) I’m Asian, and 3) I’m usually with my husband, who is white. I have been so lucky in my whole life to not really have been targeted because of the color of my skin. Either I’ve been around good people or I’m a bit naive. It’s probably the latter, even at my age. This is not to say that I haven’t been racially profiled, because I have. When I was a young adult, my sister and I were once pulled over because we were in a tinted vehicle and my sister, who was driving, was wearing a hoodie. It was night and the cop who pulled us over probably thought we were a couple of black youths. My sister wasn’t driving badly, we didn’t have a busted tail light or anything like that, but we were pulled over because of how we looked. Simple as that. And thank goodness we were female because the cop had no reason to detain us since we obviously did not match the description in any way. Also, what self respecting young man would drive a tinted STATIONWAGON? I remember feeling apprehensive but not scared. I never thought it could have been my last day on earth. But if we weren’t two Filipina girls but two young black men, might it have turned out differently?

I understand the rage right now. I understand being tired of explaining the very real fear and apprehension and ANGER. I watch the news and hope that people don’t hurt each other. I watch and know that those wreaking destruction are using the protesters as cover for their nefarious actions. I know that there are people protesting and there are people looting and destroying and I know they’re not one and the same group. I want most of all for people who deny the racism and the police brutality to open their eyes and see the big picture. No, not everyone is racist and no, not every cop is on a power trip. So let’s protect the innocent people, let’s hold those who protect and serve to the highest standard. There must be consequences to these abuses. But there must be hope too that we can change and change for the better…