TWITL – week fifty-two – beginning the break

Did you know there are fifty-three weeks in 2020? Apparently the leap year will do that to a year and of course, it had to be 2020 getting that extra week.

as the screenshot says
Simon in his Cameo to me

If you haven’t already read about my best Monday ever, you can find it here. I am still very fangirl high about Simon’s Cameo to me (THANK YOU, SHANAYE!!!), so of course I want to keep taking about it. But I won’t. Just go read about it in that other post and know that yes, I am still rather giddy.


Wonder Woman 1984 [HBO Max, theatres] – Theatres are closed here in California so we had to have our first viewing of WW84 in the comfort of our own home. I had read a couple of positive reviews (though they were non-spoilery) and I went into my first viewing of the movie with merely the expectation of enjoying it. I love Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and I was quite curious how Steve Trevor would appear (as he did not survive the first movie). My expectations were met– I enjoyed the movie very much. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal were both fantastic. I loved the way they brought back Steve Trevor (because I will never say no to seeing a favorite Chris). I thought the movie was adventuresome, joyful, heartbreaking, sweet, and hopeful. I don’t have any real criticisms about it. Some might say it’s a bit long. I’ve seen a few comments that Steve Trevor was unnecessary. (I don’t agree with either sentiment.) Do I wish I could have seen it first on the big screen? YES. The movie most definitely deserves the big screen treatment. Am I glad I got to watch it from the comfort of my sofa? YES. I hope that when we’re all opened up again, they re-release WW84 in the theatres because I would love to see it on the big screen once.

my work companions
the work companions

My work week was short and I ended up leaving when the office closed early on Wednesday. I have plans on what I want to do this week but we shall see how much of those plans actually come to fruition. I am glad that I took this time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day even though I’m sure there are things I could be doing at work without people bothering me. (Not that people bother me much.)

Our Christmas was very lowkey. We woke up in time to watch Wonder Woman 1984 when it “premiered.” Then we just spent the day watching football and such. Good times, good times. I am all for the lazy days and Christmas was definitely a lazy day.


I wonder how many times I’m going to watch WW84 while it’s on HBO Max…