TWITL – week twelve – middle of spring break

It’s the middle of spring break and I’m in the midst of a four day weekend. (This will probably post on Monday sometime, I think.) It’s raining outside but I can’t really hear it right now. I peeked out the window and I think I see little drops in the puddles.

farmers market

We hit the farmers market on Saturday, getting there in time for me to have a couple of $5 mimosas from the wine bar and a croissant from one of the vendors. It’s the best way to start the day! It was a lovely day too, warm enough to wear shorts and cool enough to not get sweaty. We stopped at probably our favorite place and I had a cider there.

early dinner on Saturday

We next drove out to Black Angus for an early dinner. It was so good! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a filet mignon and lobster and what a treat it was. The bartender was one we used to see a lot years before, so that was nice.


Rope – An Alfred Hitchcock bundle of 14 movies is on sale on iTunes ($19.99) and we clicked on buy because what a great price! Instead of watching the Oscars, we watched this 1948 psychological crime thriller. I found it FASCINATING. It’s always interesting watching old movies. The acting seemed very soap opera-like to me but I was hooked nonetheless. It’s based on a play, which probably explains the small space in which the action takes place. I thought it was very well done (of course) and upon reading a little more about it, I’m glad that I wasn’t imagining the subtext. I liked the movie.


Narcos [Netflix] – Well, got to the episode where Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s meets his end. I still have a couple of more episodes to watch and I will watch them. I’m invested enough in the season to see it through to the end. Not sure if I’ll go back and watch seasons one and two. We shall see.

Star Trek: Picard [Paramount+] – I liked the latest installment. The way they brought an old character with a new face was well done. Oh, but not enough Rios. Just sayin’.



We keep watching videos of people who live in tiny homes, usually of the converted truck or school bus variety. It’s super interesting how people can convert such spaces into their homes. They’re certainly very imaginative in how they utilize what they have. Makes me want to at least organize our home in a better manner…

Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, died on Friday. His death hits a little hard for me because 1) he was the same age as me and 2) he was part of a musical constant for me. I can go long stretches of time without listening to the Foo Fighters and then when I happen upon one of their songs, I think, “Why don’t I listen to them more often?” I’ve been playing their songs a lot the last few days and even when I’m not, a Foo Fighters song is playing in my head. When I’m listening to their songs, my ear focuses on the drums and my heart just aches a little. Thank goodness we still have the music. We can hear him in those songs. And lucky are those who got to see them live while he was still with us…

We did not watch the Oscars last night (yes, it’s Monday now) but I got a lot of alerts on my Twitter timeline. I’m glad I saw the Best Picture winner (CODA) and I was happy for the Actress in a Supporting Role winner (Ariana DuBose, West Side Story). It’s nice when the movies I’ve watched win awards. Good for them!…

It started raining last night while I was typing away on this post and continued throughout the night. It’s going to stop soon. I wonder if the sun will make an appearance…