disconnected – already slacking

I already missed writing for week two. Can I blame it on the long weekend? I know, I should have had more time to gather my thoughts during the long weekend but between Monday brunch and binge-watching Sky Rojo, I suppose I didn’t have the energy to sit down and write. So why do I have the time now?

"Getting into Heaven Through the Back Door"

R is downtown and I’m sitting here listening to Winter River – Snowy Forest Stream on YouTube. It’s rather soothing and reminds me of when I have the Calm app on at bedtime. So relaxing. I should probably check the clothes in the dryer but I’d rather sit here and think of more things to write.

I’m posting this as a “disconnected.” Hopefully it works. I should write more non-TWITL posts to shake up things. Sometimes I wonder at the energy I had when I wrote every day. How did I do that? Why did I do that? It’s a bit of a struggle to write weekly. Is it just this time of year? Maybe.

"The Line that Separates Us"

My creative endeavors are at a standstill at the moment. I think it’s definitely this time of year. After writing in an almost frenzy in November, I find that I need some time to step back from the story writing even though my head tells me I must write something, anything. And yet my imagination stalls. Only little bits of narrative skirt by, offering me little substance. It’s frustrating but I know it will pass. Hopefully.

"The Lucky Cat"

I stopped following a new MAS IG fan account because they were tagging his mother, asking her why her son had blocked their account. I considered for a bit then quietly unfollowed the account on my main IG but kept it active on my other account. I just checked from my main account and that fan account is now private. Were they always private? I don’t think so.

I wanted to offer that fan account some advice but I refrained. I think they’re younger, unknowing of the ways of conducting themselves as a fan account. It can be a delicate thing but you should never appear desperate for attention, eh? In this case, the fan account borderline complained about how MAS doesn’t have a lot of English speaking roles and how they don’t know much Spanish. I wanted to respond– it’s not up to him to adjust to his fans, it’s up to his fans to adjust to him. Don’t know Spanish? Study it! He shouldn’t have to take on English speaking roles to appease a subset of his fans. And perhaps he’s following that other fan account because it’s been around for a long time and it’s respectful of him and his family. What a concept!

"Diesel, Saltpeter, and Gunpowder"

It’s almost bedtime. I’m going to post this and see if it posts as I intend it. I wonder if anyone will read this.

[screenshots of Miguel Ángel Silvestre Moisés in the third season of Sky Rojo]