TWITL – week 42 – back to the grind

I almost called this entry “earthquake weather” because we had a 4.2 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday and it was a JOLTER. According to the USGS page for this one, the quake’s epicenter was 5 km SW of Isleton. We felt it here in Brentwood because we’re pretty close. Chatting with my cousins, they didn’t feel it. I definitely felt it. My work station moved. Maybe the whole building moved. It was short but WILD. I think my nerves were a little frayed afterwards but it really wasn’t that bad.

the alert for that earthquake
the alert that came right after the earthquake ended…

The emergency alert sounded on my phones right after the earthquake ended. If the earthquake had been longer, then the alert would have probably happened during rather than after. For me, it was like, “Yeah, no kidding,” but I’m sure the rest of the Bay Area was like, “What? I don’t feel anything.” 😛

corn in a cup
farmers market yummy – corn in a cup

We checked out the farmers market yesterday and it was cool enough (in the shady breeze) to wear a sweatshirt (albeit with shorts). So lovely! I was able to get my corn in a cup and we sat in the patio of our favorite bar and people watched. I love our moments at farmers market because it seems like such an ordinary kind of moment yet it’s perfect in its simple contentment.

where I get my corn in a cup

After our time downtown, we headed to Tailgaters for lunch. The bar was a bit quiet with college football playing on all the tv screens. A few people came in while we were there. I had yummy fish and chips with my Angry Orchard cider.

the good stuff


Silo [Apple TV+] – We binged watched this show and it was good! Super interesting and very well done. I’m glad to see that there will be a second season because I want to know more! I might want to read the books. We’ll see.

Loki [Disney+] – Another good episode, finally bringing us to the end credit scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. I’m enjoying the second season episodes so far and I’m always ready to watch the next one.

watching rugby during the lunch break

RUGBY WORLD CUP – The All Blacks will be facing the Springboks in the Rugby World Cup final next Saturday!!! I was obviously cheering for the All Blacks in their match against Argentina (even though I had cheered for Los Pumas last week in their match against Wales). So happy the All Blacks won! And then it was South Africa against England and I was of course cheering for the reigning world champs. But now that it’s New Zealand vs South Africa, my alliance goes to the All Blacks. I’m excited! It’s like a super sized Rugby Championship! (IYKYK)

me, the All Blacks fan


I don’t know how ready I am for National Novel Writing Month. I really need to figure out what my female character does for a living! I know she works in an office and maybe I’m floating the idea of her being a copy editor or something? I’m still not sure and it’s stressing me out a little bit. And now I just thought, maybe I should totally switch what they do and make HER the photographer and him the one who works in the office. Why do I do this to myself?! 😛

I should probably sit down after I post this and get my characters situated in their work lives even though their work lives are secondary to the story. It’s a romance, after all. Yes, a romance. They’re easiest for me to write and get to that 50k words goal.

trying to blend in

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this need to self-censor myself in regards to things that might be going on around me. I worry too much that someone might read what I post (do people even read this) and they might realize I’m talking about them, even if I don’t mention them by name. Yet if I’m compelled to share with my friends IRL, then why don’t I write about it to this place, which should be my safe space? The consequences aren’t worth the risk. Also, I’m not clever enough to take away the specifics and make it vague and general. Ah well, better this way, I suppose.

Random thoughts:

  • Don’t be a creeper. Just DON’T.
  • Our union ratified the latest contract. Good for us!
  • I dreamt about taking photos of a backyard and Jack Whitehall was there. Why Jack?
  • I told my favorite tech YouTuber (via a comment to a Threads post) that the husband calls me “Captain 2 Phones” and he replied that it’s a proud nickname to wear it well. Will do OG Captain2Phones!
  • I need to stop shopping, even just window shopping.
in my Sam Hunt sweatshirt

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