here I am againfalling where I have fallenas if this is new I’m writing from my Droid. The A’s are playing the Giants. Ahhh, baseball season begins again so very soon. Flash Forward then F... Read More
I don’t trust the way I feelbeing alone here with youam I spinning out of controlpretending I know what to do LOST was pretty good last night. Watched V today and was glad to see Charles Mesure!... Read More
you let it die insidewithout uttering wordyou lay the blame on meyet you stifled all your hurthow could I see a thingwhen you didn’t say a thinghow could you go on so longthen tell me I was wron... Read More
shadows coldly passmoonlight spills in the darknesscasting light to dreams We went out for a little bit today– lunch and a bit of Walgreens shopping. artwork at Digger’s... Read More
silent and unmovedtrapped in the tapestry’s websecrets are waiting I scanned some pictures, including a couple of Meggie from 1999: She was a beauty, eh?... Read More