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getting through the days

when I walked awayI thought I could forgetcrush every memorybreathe without regretwhen I chose this wayI thought I could laughbrush away the bluessaunter down my pathwhen I claimed my heartunbroken in the frayI thought this the truthwithout much else to saywhen I realized the lieI thought I could forgetthe memories aroseembracing me with regret


remembering Meggie

first days with Meggie I like to picture yourunning happy and freebarking in the sunshinecooling off beneath a treeit’s so easy to picture youresting with such easesnoring into the nightdreaming with such peaceI know that I will miss youthe joy shining in your eyesI’ll remember you with lovecherishing all those happy times Meggie 1997-2010 Meggie… Read More remembering Meggie


oh such a long day

maybe tomorrowthe sun will reveal the pathto follow ahead I’m watching CHUCK. I LOVE this show!!! Again with the jury duty today. I was apprehensive, hoping that I wouldn’t get chosen yet thinking that I might. Ugh! While waiting outside the courtroom, I ran into a Brentwood PD officer I know and we ended up… Read More oh such a long day