Listworthy: Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic / #SamHunt)


name: Sam Lowry Hunt
DOB: 8 December 1984
height: 6’4”
degree of separation: ?
my list or yours: yours mine

My first “yours” but it’s a bunch of BS because the only reason he’s not on my List is because he’s beyond my self imposed “threshold” on age. I’m sure I’m not fooling anyone but let’s pretend he’s not actually on my List so I feel less the perv, eh? because he WAS too young to be on MY List. I’ve changed my mind now. Threshold has been moved, he’s on my List now.

How did I start on Mr. Sam Hunt? Well, heard a song on the radio, Shazam’d it, and found out the song was “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt. And so it began.

Montevallo – his debut CD

His picture looked interesting (ie kinda handsome) so of course I was intrigued. I got his album and spent a whole weekend listening to it. I liked EVERY SINGLE SONG. But do you know how maddening it is to listen to 10 songs over and over and over again? Well, I do. Yet I couldn’t stop listening! Then I decided to check out YouTube and found a bunch of acoustic and live versions of the songs on his album as well as his versions of songs he wrote that other artists recorded and song he hadn’t officially recorded. Add those songs to the 10 song album and you get about an hour and half of music! And that’s all that’s been in my head for the past few weeks months.


As it sometimes happens, I was apparently in the mood to start another short story (even though I was at the tail end of a different story) and went with a story about a country music singer who blows into a town to woo the woman who’s been in his head for those six years since the last time he was there. Oh, and it’s a romance story with sexy bits. Writing this story has helped in my all out regard for Sam Hunt even though the character is not (besides some physical characteristics) him at all (since I don’t know him).


Sam’s music is really what does it for me. He’s ultimately a country boy making music that’s not what some traditionalists might classify as country. I don’t really care about any of that because his music, definitely more than country-tinged to my ear, is a most pleasing blend of country, pop, R&B. I grew up on lots of pop with R&B thrown in, getting into jazz and country in the 90s. Sam’s music is a natural progression and blend for my own musical tastes, which is probably why I can keep listening to him over and over and over. Plus he just has a way with words and his voice is just the right enough combination of deep and dreamy.

So here we go, how does he fare on my self made criteria?


This young man has it in SPADES. As a musician, he’s just fantastic. Between his singing and his writing, he’s obviously a gifted artist. I’m a sucker for creative types (hence my list of actors/singers/and the like) and a man who can write songs lands smack in the middle of my ideals. I’ve lost myself in YouTube videos of him playing live and he sounds and plays just as awesomely as he does in his recordings. His songs wrought emotion in me and that’s the best kind of music to be had.

A college graduate! Nice. Always a plus when a favorite is college educated. Even better is a scholar athlete type.

I haven’t read anything unkind about him but in his interviews and such, he seems like a good person. Maybe I’m just swayed by that soft Georgia accent, who knows! The folks who have met him and know him have only nice things to say about him and I think that really speaks to the kind of person he is.

[from Sam Hunt’s Facebook]

Sam played football, even getting to training camp for an NFL team. So this means if I ever had a chance to talk to him, I’d tell him football is all right but rugby is THE GAME and then see how that goes. Maybe we’d see eye to eye on something else, like baseball?

[from the music video “Leave the Night On”]

He’s tall with dark hair and eyes that look either green or hazel and has a very pleasing smile and a fit body. His style definitely skews towards his generation (which is definitely NOT mine) but I think it’s cute. I love that he has his own style that’s not like other country artists (or any of the ones I happen to follow) but he seriously just looks good no matter what kind of clothes he’s sporting. His hats though KILL ME. I’m a bend the bill kind of cap wearer so the snapbacks just KILL ME. (Says the lady who just bought a snapback cap of her All Blacks while hearing Sam in her head sing “snapback”.)


I have no idea what I would say to Sam Hunt if we were to ever meet. Would I confess that I wrote a story that’s loosely based on someone who looks and sounds like him? Would I ask him to write a song from the poem I wrote in that story? I know I’d tell him I LOVE HIS MUSIC and then I’d ask for a picture with him. Other than that, I’d be a little tongue tied whilst telling myself, “Talk to him. It’s not like he’s Sully or Henry Cavill or Tom Hardy or Taylor Kitsch!”


I haven’t managed that distance that usually comes after the first blush of a crush. I’m still deep into it, almost manic about it. His songs play for me all day at work and if I’m writing at home, I’ve got him playing. And I fall asleep to his music even though his songs are hardly lullaby stuff. He’s pretty much haunting me but in a good way because it’s certainly lighting up my creativity so I must be grateful for that.

John Legg Photography
[John Legg Photography]

If you haven’t discovered Sam Hunt yet, find Montevallo and LISTEN TO IT. If you love all kinds of music, you will find something on the album to love. You want a love song? Try “Speakers” (which is sexy sweet and probably my favorite song of his). Want to dance? You’ve got your choice of “Leave the Night On” or “Raised on It” or “House Party”. Looking for something? Then there’s the current single “Take Your Time.” Feeling restless? There’s “Single for the Summer” (which is growing on me with every listen). Maybe a little lonely? Oh, then you have to hear “Make You Miss Me.” And if you’re feeling naughty, I definitely recommend “Ex to See” (one of my other favorite songs).

[from Sam Hunt’s Facebook]

And Sam, should you ever happen upon this little essay of mine, THANK YOU for sharing your awesome music. I have truly never been so enamored with an album as I am with Montevallo. (And I’ve been around a long time and listened to all kinds of music.) Your album, along with other songs I’ve found of yours, has been the soundtrack of my life since the last days of this past winter until now. And seriously, if you want to read my story, I’ll let ya (after I finish it, of course). And if you like the poem, you are the only one I’d want to make it a song. I wish you all the success in the world and look forward to many more songs from you. And I hope that more people recognize the awesome that is you, Sam Hunt. 🙂

Easter weekend
[from Sam Hunt’s Facebook]

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