Wow, Fall for soulDecision is the feature site of the week at Absolute TRL, a fantastic site dedicated to MTV’s Total Request Live. I’m so proud! 🙂 A definite springtime treat.

I’ve got a new blog for my Greg Lee site. Yes, it’s called “But how could I forget… a single thing about you?” I couldn’t resist! There’s something lovely and poetic about that line. I need to put the sound file up too…

I got my pictures developed. Finally! I have some dating back to November 2000. Let’s see, we have my cousin’s party, puppies, family stuff, and work stuff. I have one good picture from graduation, but I don’t think my workmate would want her picture online, so oh well! And there’s one with me and a cute fellow, but I look goofy, so oh well number two! (Besides, I’m sure I could get in some kind of trouble for showing myself in uniform online. Or something like that…)

But here’s one with me and two puppies. Aren’t they cute?

Yikes, short hair!

And here’s me with long hair, with my mom. Don’t we look lovely? 🙂

Time for Cleopatra 2525! Off I go!