while emptiness calls

falling to his feet
each breath expels such defeat
while emptiness calls

We had lunch at Charley’s, then wandered through Best Buy for a bit of window shopping before heading to JC Penney and Kohl’s for some shopping. Nothing too exciting, eh?

We came home and caught up on the season finales of Vampire Diaries and Smallville

Vampire Diaries – So the tomb vampires have almost all been defeated. I felt so sad when Anna died. And poor Damon, watching her and letting himself feel enough to want to help her. If vampires can switch their humanity on and off, I think Damon is halfway to switching his on… The end ROCKED! First, Damon and Elena kissing. Holy crap! This after Elena insisted to Stefan that she loved him and only him. Second, Elena chopping off John’s fingers, then killing him. But wait, what did he say? “Catherine…” Then, the real Elena coming home. She’ll find her father dead and her brother on the way to a life of being a vampire. Maybe? We’ll see!… I really especially love how Damon is rounding out a bit more character-wise. I love his quips but I love more how he looks at Elena with his humanity intact. Awwww….

Smallville – I loved Clark’s dream in the beginning! Soooo cool. Then so much action! Who was coming after Oliver? Finally, he tells Chloe he loves her and she says it back. Awwwww!… Clark sent the Kandorians to a different plane, one where they will hopefully find some peace. Well, after they deal with Zod… Is Tess really dead? Who was the woman knitting in the hallway?… And finally, Lois realizes that Clark is the Blur. WOOHOO!!!… So how will they come back? Who will still be there next season?