lj, me

hotter still

the oppressive heat
untouched by the passing breeze
falls dark with the night

I ordered two things from Amazon this week and I should get them by Friday. Joyous! One is an extra battery for the Nexus S and the other is the blu-ray of A&E’s Pride and Prejudice. Ahhh, Colin Firth in HD. LOL!

Oh, in the mail today I received my Postagram!


Postagram is a mobile app that first came out for the iPhone and then recently for Android. It started off as using photos from Instagram but with Android you can use any photo on your camera. Choose a picture, choose the recipient, then write few words and off it goes! A post card from you to someone. I decided to send my first one (which was free) to myself because I wanted to see how it would work. And it worked! And so cool too. 😀

One of the ladies at work recently got a new phone, an LG Android-flavored phone. I helped her a little today with it. I do enjoy helping people with their smartphones. It’s encouraging to see people with smartphones. 🙂