sometimes joy is fleeting

sometimes joy is fleetinga sliver or a wispa promise unfulfilleddisappointment lingerslonger than it shouldwhile laughter fadesfaster than it shouldsometimes sadness waitsready with an embracebittersweet and lullingcomplacent and uninspired I’ve got a cold. Bummer! Watched White Collar mostly because Joe Manganiello guest starred. I think he has a thing for those worker man shirts. LOL! I…

in time they say

the story hideswithin each liethat grain of truthrevealing allpatience rewardedin time they say I gave in and changed my work computer’s wallpaper. Usurpers! LOL!

my heart is not generous

my heart is not generous to accept uninvited intrusion unwanted promising only discomfort am I sad to say this is most unwelcome a presence of only tension a being sapped of all joy to fester our routine no, my heart is not generous not enough to bear with grace an obligation best endured in short,…

if only

if only we were farso far awayfrom hereif onlywe could leavejust for awhilelet time slowif only I uploaded a bunch of Tom Hardy usericons for LJ. And that’s how you know I’m in super admiring mode. 😉 I found a movie on Netflix called Lethal Dose and I watched it. Cheesy horror type movie that…

they’ll lead you nowhere

are you so desperatechasing foolish dreamsthey’ll lead you nowherejust an abysswithout escapeor a light of hope We had a lovely diner at Vic Stewart’s. I’m so full!

diverted and lost

it will never happen the chance encounter fated from the start diverted and lost like mist in the clouds 🙂

the silky touch

the silky touchsoft as a whisperpromising delightdon’t say notake that leapjust acquiescefeel that flush so warmyou must want more I’ve had the biggest headache all day! YE GODS!

your heart can’t break

your heart can’t breakif you don’t let gotake that riskoffer everythingwithout expecting a thingyou’ll never knowsuch simple joysif you can’t laugheven through the tearswhen all you wantstands so close to touch So my Tom Hardy kick led me to BRONSON, an odd film I likely wouldn’t have watched without the incentive of him starring in…