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maybe where you wait

when I go to sleep
the dreams take me far away
maybe where you wait

We saw This Means War today! We opted for the Delta on First Street. Such a cute place. 🙂

I read a few reviews of the movie and most of them weren’t very complimentary. But I was already predisposed to like it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Lots of laughs and so many cute moments. The action was good and I think she chose the right guy. 😉

Reese Witherspoon is disgustingly cute in this movie. Her character Lauren was sweet and smart and slightly sassy. I thought I wouldn’t like her character but she was just too damn cute. She was adorable with both of the actors.

Chelsea Handler is a freakin’ HOOT! I wish the movie was rated R so that we could have seen her more raunchy comments. She was hilarious. For her, I hope there’s an unrated/rated-R version of this movie.

I think my favorite scenes were between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. They were GREAT together. I loved their banter and obvious affection and watching them kick ass during the action scenes.

Chris Pine is just a handsome devil. He was smooth and almost smarmy as FDR. His character went through the most change from beginning to end. He was sweet at times, too slick in others, but always heartfelt with his partner Tuck. I loved a lot of his scenes, especially the one where he’s calling Tuck so that they can watch the CHiPs marathan. (You know, because his father, Robert Pine, was on CHiPs.)

Tom Hardy is so lovely in this movie. He was tough on the job but a little shy with the ladies. It was just so damn cute! I never thought I’d say he was sooo cute but yes, he was crazy cute in this movie. Well, to me, anyway. Tuck was normal and sincerely sweet and, as Lauren said, a little too “earnest.” But man, I just loved him. When he was laughing at FDR, it was just so cute! (Oh geez, I keep saying CUTE in regards to Tom Hardy. YIKES!) There were a couple of moments where that intense light shone in his eyes and oh how I liked those moments. 😉

I won’t tell you who Lauren chose in the movie but I will say that if I had her choice I would have chosen Tuck. FDR was just too slick for me though easy on the eyes. Tuck was just the right amount of sweet and sexy…

Would I recommend the movie? If you love any of the three principals, it’s an easy watch. Light, funny, with action on the side. 🙂