while torn apart

without the warmth
beyond the beat
aren’t we lost
just out of reach
without hope
a broken heart
will never mend
while torn apart

The Super Bowl all right. The commercials were a bit uninspired. My favorite one was the Best Buy one because it appealed to the geek gal in me.

Keeping track

Yes, I kept track of the commercials during the first half. I didn’t care much afterwards. Oh, and the half time show was much too polished but it was still entertaining.

Finished watching The Take on the Netflix. Good British gangster mini-series with Tom Hardy. I recommend it, of course. 😉

Having fun with the iPhone. Just wish I had more GB on it but it will do. I also wish that Google Music worked on it but I’m sure that’s just too much to ask. 😛

The tattoo in focus

Still not 100% but at least I can breathe. Now if I could just get rid of this bloody headache, I’d feel so much better!