Happy Easter

Four poems for the price of one post. They're mostly unrelated, I think, so take them as such…

the world has shifted
this is my melancholy
frozen in repose

walking here alone
the music softly playing
in time with each step

where have you gone now
so far away from this place
can you feel my tears

memories fill me
yet now I am so broken
shattered from my dreams

I hope Easter Sunday was a good day for you all. We stayed home as the hubby hasn't been feeling well since Thursday. I was a bit bummed to miss the family gathering. Alas!

Pierre Spies of the Bulls

I watched rugby on Saturday morning, the Crusaders vs. the Bulls. My Crusaders (like how I claim them?) lost to the Bulls but since it was a home match for the Bulls, I suppose that's okay. Plus that guy up there is the captain of the Bulls and he's kinda cute. Hmmm, maybe the Bulls will be my South Africa team for Super Rugby. Now to figure out an Australian team. 😉

I had Good Friday off from work and just cannot remember what I did with my day. Gosh, I love the off from work days!