burns so bright for me

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admit the light in your heart
burns so bright for me

Twas back to work for me. The good thing is that we’re staring our half day Fridays this week. Yah! Joyous, just joyous. 🙂

THURSDAY – Dad’s 70th Birthday!

Dad with my sister and my niece during dinner…

My sister and her family arrived the day before and the hubby dropped me off on Thursday early in the morning. It was WONDERFUL to see my niece! It didn’t take her long to warm up to me and she was just so funny and sweet. The most precious thing I heard the whole time they were here was her calling me “Tita.” My heart just melted every time she said it.

me and the niece

After having some breakfast, my sister, my niece, and I headed out to Pleasanton to meet up with our two cousins and their daughters.

the girls!

It was awesome seeing Syndee with Breelyn and Alina. They were all so cute together. So many girls! Iris is still young, so she really didn’t partake in the playing together and Elise was home with her grandparents. The mommies wanted to their kids to be able to play so we headed next to Chuck E. Cheese.

Want a definition of utter madness? I’ll go with Chuck E. Cheese. I’m sure little kids think it’s the cat’s meow but I was a bit overwhelmed by the high pictched kids noises and the rides and the games. Holy heck! I applaud the parents out there who bring their children to such a place. Perhaps they find some kind of peace in all the madness?

We left to head back to San Leandro and Sydnee kept saying how she wanted to go to Tita’s house. I felt bad that I couldn’t take them to my house but 1) it was far from where we needed to be and 2) my house is a constant mess. But I didn’t tell Sydnee that, of course. LOL

We took Dad to Horatio’s in San Leandro for his birthday dinner. The food was delicious! Sydnee was, as her daddy said, a professional in the restaurant. So well behaved for an almost 3 year old. Bravo! Dad enjoyed his filet. He said it came out perfect. I myself enjoyed a tasty shiraz and mahi mahi for my meal. Mmmm! For dessert, I had the creme brulee. Twas so good!


We hung out at my parents’ house for just a little bit before going home.


FRIDAY – Hanging out with the cousins…

On Friday I headed out early again with the hubby and after breakfast, we went to Pleasant Hill to hang out with the cousins. Our parents accompanied us this time and it was another good time. Very relaxing. Well, as relaxing as it can get with five little girls roaming about the house.

day167: with my cutie pie nieceUntitled
friday with the cousinsfriday with the cousins
friday with the cousins

I’ve got to say that Alina is so sweetly affectionate. I’m savoring it right now because she might grow out of it but I hope not. I hope she and the other girls know that they can give me hugs and kisses all the time. Sydnee was very affectionate too and I tucked away all her “Titas” and hugs and kisses into my heart because I know it’ll be a long time before I see her again. Alas!

Let’s save Saturday and Alcatraz for next time. I’ve got go watch Eureka now! 😀