slip into another world

why not close your eyes
slip to another world
where you write the songs

I’m still soooo embarrassed about last night’s horrible postings. It took me a couple of hours but I deleted everything from my domain and LJ. So freakin’ terrible. Why did I think of the infinite loop AFTER I posted? ::SMH::

walking to the post office

Oh! I had a dream and Joe Manganiello was in it. And that is all I will share at the moment. 😉

I kindly listened after being given this card

Seriously, do I have a face that says, “SAVE ME”? I had a lady come in to the lobby asking a question and when the business part of our conversation concluded, she handed me the above card to invite me to her church. Since it’s not anyone’s business of my religious inclinations, I did not offer my own religious background except to say that I have a bible. Did she sense a lost soul in me? Apparently she saw something and started talking about prayer and sin (though she did not specifically call it sin). She talked about the temptations of the flesh and cited some chapters from the bible, including those about adulterers, fornicators, murderers, etc. I was glad for the end of the conversation. I was not converted. And I went straight to twitter and paused before typing out something. I decided against being snarky because in reality, I do admire people who have such faith in their religion. I wonder at their willingness to just give themselves to God completely and pray to Him for guidance in EVERYTHING. I am curious at their steadfastness but I do not long for it. I am glad that their faith can give them comfort and guidance but part of me wonders if they’re giving up something important, like their free will.

I believe that the answers one seeks are within each of us. We have the answers. We are such complex and wonderful beings and we possess that spark of life that is the answer and the question all in one. We know what is right and what is wrong and we don’t need to look to God for affirmation. Or maybe I don’t need to look to God in that way. I think that you are given this life and you do what you will with it. You are part of everything around you.

I consider myself a spiritual person as opposed to religious. I am oftentimes fascinated by different faiths and at their essence, they’re all the same to me. Most teach goodness and grace and care for those around you. What can be wrong with that?

And when the lady said “fornicators”, I thought of how I am with my fellas and how I love living in my imagination. No, I’m not giving that up for anything. 🙂