waiting all nearly breathless

the noise of conversation
the volume of the match
waiting all nearly breathless
with every tumble of the ball
so the second half begins
will they hold steady
we all wait like strings so taut
ready to burst
with cheers or groans

(written just as the second half began)

Taylor Kitsch in The Normal Heart

A day of sports!

First, Tony Gwynn died. I’m not a Padres fan but I am a baseball fan and this news made me sad. He was exactly the kind of player I always appreciate– talented and filled with joy for the game. My thoughts with his family and friends and fans…

Second, the World Cup! We watched the first game at home and I was oddly delighted to watch Germany put the hurt on Portugal. Plus I loved all the scoring!… We watched the USA v Ghana at Buffalo Wild Wings in Livermore. LOTS of people were in the bar area for the game and it was GREAT when it came time for cheering. It was an exciting match and I’m glad the US won. 🙂

It was a good day. Oh, and I was off from work, hence why I had a good day. LOL