forty words

a 40 word poem for a new 40 year old:

welcome to this world
the lovely land of 40s
may it stretch far and wide
filled with great adventure
filled with bright laughter
filled with endless joy
welcome to this world
rife with wisdom
this great unknown
waiting for you

Yes, I’m creative like that. 😉

the boys – Strike Back

I like when interesting people come into the office. People who call me by name as if we know each other and make me smile. 😉 I think I might have seen a person who could play one of my characters. It’s a good thing. Sully might be tired of playing most of my current fellas. He’s been slacking off as My Muse. I’ve had to use Chris Hemsworth in one of my stories. Well, one of my story bits. He was really good in that story bit.

I think it’s time for me to write.