TWITL – week 15 – wonky weather

Oof, I didn’t write at all during the week? I think I was just tired all week. The weather was hot one day and a couple of days later, rain! I didn’t mind the rain even though it was on Saturday and derailed our plans to go to farmers market.

Let’s see, what was the week like? I’ll pick a picture from each day…

we didn't see the eclipse
Hmm, didn’t see anything during the eclipse…

Monday was the eclipse but we were nowhere near the path of totality so nothing too weird like back in 2017 (?) when the day seemed to darken a touch and the shadows showed those little crescents. I was hoping for those shadows but alas!

me at the library
me at the library during my lunch break

Tuesday was cool enough for me to wear my jean jacket during my walk to the library on my lunch break. I look super thrilled in this shot, don’t I? Whatevs.

two monitors
two work monitors

This is a shot from Wednesday. I like having two monitors at work and having the wallpapers rotate. I need to update some of the photos of the fellas. Sabina is the only other woman who appears on my wallpapers besides me. I think that’s because I totally adore her. Hopefully she’s at Tyler’s show at the Hard Rock when we go. I’d love another picture with her!

sitting in the park
City Park is always a lovely spot in the middle of the day

I walked to City Park on Thursday even though it was rather warm. I didn’t think it was so bad but then I started sweating a bit while sitting on the bench with the view above. Still, it was nice to be at the park, sitting on the bench while listening to my audiobook.

Squirrel at work
Squirrel at work

I might have a strange fascination with squirrels. I don’t mind seeing them living their lives, climbing the trees, dashing past me before I can get my phone out to take a picture. The squirrel above ran up and settled there to work a nut it had. I could hear it from where I was standing, which was not too close. Oh squirrels.

Casper dog at Boondoggies
Casper dog at Boondoggies
Jameson mule
Jameson mule

We missed farmers market on Saturday because of the rain but when I saw one of our favorite bartenders would be working at Crown and Crow that evening, we decided to go out. We had Casper dogs at Boondoggies then headed to Crown and Crow for some drinks. It was great to see Marilyn! It had been forever. I had two Jameson mules and I realized upon my first sip that the last time I had Jameson was in Ireland. Awwww.

Argylle is streaming on Apple TV+! We watched it last night and I still love it as much as I did when I saw it at the movie theatre. It’s such a fun watch. Hmm, Henry Cavill. I want to buy that movie on 4K blu-ray. Yes, I like it that much. If you have Apple TV+, give it a watch.

Locked Up – Sam Hunt – Sam has a new EP ready to buy/stream. It’s great to have new music from him. I need to listen to the EP on repeat for a feel of the songs. I’ve only really listened to “Locked Up” more than a few times (I like it!).

“Dare You to Doubt Me” – The Script – This song came out sometime last year and I just discovered it this week. What kind of fan am I? Not a very good one! It’s a good song. I wonder when they’re going to come out with new music.

The Delta
The Delta, re-opening soon?

This work week will see us off from work on Wednesday. Fun times! 😉