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’til you smiled at me

I just never thought you would ever look my way ’til you smiled at me First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to those who celebrate the Lunar New Year! 🙂 Today we went over to Pleasant Hill for dinner with the cousins. Always good times! 🙂 Now I must sleep.


a year ago

A year ago was a difficult and trying time in our lives. I felt a bit outside of it though I certainly had my opinions and thoughts about everything that was happening. I kept a private diary of that time in my life, writing candidly as events unfolded. I had almost forgotten that I had… Read More a year ago

Family, poetry

take a breath before falling

why can’t I just rest take a breath before falling dreamless into sleep I am so exhausted but for some reason I can’t just rest a little. Maybe I’ll end up going to sleep early tonight. Until then I suppose I should tell my tale of Sunday.

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so hard to pity

so hard to pity faced with such blind selfishness and rude disregard my sunshine time Happy Birthday to Kristian! Happy Birthday to Sienna! 😀 I love videochatting with my niece. She’s a hoot! And so smart and adorable. She makes me smile whenever I talk to her and it truly makes me happy that she… Read More so hard to pity