it’s your own heartdeceiving youleading youtowards certain heartacheit’s your willingnesstrapping youembracing youwith whispered promisesit’s your innocenceblinding youleaving youwit... Read More
I could haunt youdestroy every dreammock your aspirationspush you until you fallI could taunt youdrag your name with liesrip away your dignityspit on your tearsI could break youstrip you of your wills... Read More
untangle yourselfset free all this miserybefore it drowns you We’re going to Alcatraz in a couple of weeks! I’m excited. It’ll be my third stint there. (Like how I did that?) Now, wh... Read More
just hold out your handlet that sweet smile curve your lipswelcome me with love So I was listening to my Pandora at work (Basia radio) and the above song played. I have no idea who they are! Isn’... Read More
maybe you think this will lastforever in perfectionunbroken and wholeunwounded and puremaybe you think this can lastunspoken devotionuntouched and sweetunwavering and relentlessmaybe you know it won&#... Read More
see this reflectioneach move matched with precisionoriginals echoed Blues Brews BBQs at The Streets today. This mean music, beer, and bbq– all good things! 🙂 There were also cars for us to vi... Read More
oh the shining sunthe bright glow so very warmfiltered by the breeze Spent the early afternoon with my cousins. They came out this way so that we could walk the farmers market and then lunch at Pho Vi... Read More
I am not hauntedby dreams of you anymorememories faded I didn’t mind the chill this morning. Twas refreshing! Gave me a chance to wear my hoodie. A good day at work and now we’re... Read More