may this miserydrive deep wedgesthrough your heartyou think it’s easypretending it’s okaybut someday soonyou’ll wonder whythe chill persiststhe darkness followswhile guilt haunts youtaunting you... Read More
this was meant to endso long agohow did it lastwithout the flickerto fan the flamesthis was meant to endever so long agowhy did it lastwithout inspirationto fill the cracksthis was meant to endit was ... Read More
if I catch your eyethen I will know I’m dreaminga vision so sweet Monday. Joy. if hitting the snooze buttom meant a nap, I’d hit it My new clock/dock for my iPhone/iPod for charging/listen... Read More
poem #1falling so slowlyfeeling quite lost and adriftwithout an anchor poem #2leave me in shadowwhere the cold dwells like lost loveaway from the light the niece and I chatted via FaceTime Saturday wa... Read More
if you kiss me nowthe chaos will disappearwith your lips on mine spumoni We had dinner at Sweeney’s here in Brentwood. A little pricey but I was full in the end so that’s good. 🙂... Read More
Journey well into the next, Donna Summer. Your songs remind me of younger days and you will always have a place in my musical memory… poem #1my muse eludes melaughing somewhere out of reachleavi... Read More
poem #1where this is brokenthe divide widensthe cracks deepenwhat will save the inevitablethe nothing to followshould we fightshake our fists to the heavenseven as we crumbleknuckle under the pressure... Read More