I miss my sister. She lives in Georgia and is starting the process of buying her first home. It’s so exciting! Seeing the pictures of her lot and of the model home just makes me wish I could be there to see it all happen for her. She’s going to have her own house with… Read More 2756411


I’m doing that Napster thing again. I’m torn, really, about the whole copyright infringement thing. I absolutely understand that the artists should be compensated for their work. I know that they work hard to create their music and it likely seems to some of them that people are trying to take advantage of technology by… Read More 2739247


Dusk falls. I’m on the laptop because the hubby is playing an online game. Football, I think. The dogs are outside, enjoying the last bits of daylight… I taped “Who’s Gurkhan?” over. I wanted a cleaner copy. I might even do some screencaptures. I should really do some of Baywatch Hawaii. Oh, and add an… Read More 2735973


Revamped my Greg site yet again! I am much more satisfied with the way it looks now. Hopefully my visitors like it. 🙂 I’m thinking of making the updates page a blogger page. It would make the whole updating thing so much easier… What’s next to tackle? Hmm, maybe my Erik site? Yikes, I still… Read More 2732608


Woohoo, it’s Friday!!! The week has been quietly dragging. It’s been slow at work, which has been nice and then kinda boring. 😛 The potluck on Thursday night was groovy! I ate so much. Ugh! But all that food was so good… I did screencaptures of Greg in Anything Once. He looks so good in… Read More 2701921


HAPPY BIRHTDAY RICHARD!!! I forgot to mention that when I was in the store last night, I found Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard. I read Sarah’s Child long ago, probably sometime in high school and it is my favorite romance novel. It was such a wonderful surprise to see it in hardback and I just… Read More 2691162


The winner of the soulDecision e-Squad TRL Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy contest will be announced tomorrow. How I wish it were me! But I know it’s not. I’m sure if it was, I would have heard by now, eh? Oh well, I’m still VERY HAPPY for the winner. Okay, and I’ll be envious too. I… Read More 2685670


A-ha, got the journal section working! Of course, don’t know if I’m going to use it again now that I have this blogger. Gotta love this thing! I know I do. Quite spiffy, if you ask me. 🙂 Wow, work was easy today! Kinda bizarre. But no, I’m not complaining, I swear! Chatted on the… Read More 2670075