I should be in the shower already. I think I have to go to the bank for some money, then figure out what to buy for lunch. But I must wait until the washer stops. So, where do I work? Because of where I work, I always think that I should be cautious and wary… Read More 2806398


It’s FRIDAY!!! The week seemed to drag on, yet here we are at the end of it. Oh, must remember to tape The Lone Gunmen! Now there’s a funny show. I hope it lasts. I’m really enjoying it so far… Why is it whenever I think I’m in the mood to write something, I lose… Read More 2801801


Hey, I totally forgot I had a site at Tripod. It’s a 1997 version of Kiari’s Corner. My, how my site has changed! Bianca surfed along to my Tripod site and dropped me a line. It was funny because she mentioned weblogging (her rather lovely site is a weblog) and how the weblog format might… Read More 2800863


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN SMITH!!! (Because it’s already the 16th in New Zealand and that’s where he is and that’s when his bday is.) We watched Survivor. Yeehaw, it wasn’t Colby! 🙂 I like him and I’m definitely going for him to win. I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten attached to the show. I really… Read More 2791906


The Ides of March! Rats, I just checked out the latest outcast from Survivor. I told myself last week that I wouldn’t do this! Oh well, at least it wasn’t my favorite one. 😛 As you can see, I haven’t gone to sleep yet. My little dog Saffy is making that crying, whining noise at… Read More 2787209


Another session of loading sections of my site to another CD. Oh joyous. Not really! I’m doing all the small stuff right now. I dread doing the sections on Kevin and Erik. Those are so BIG! But it must be done. Well, at least now I can continue the revamp of my soulDecision site… Celeste… Read More 2785951


Trevor, Dave, and Ken did a fantastic job on TRL yesterday. They looked like they were having a blast! And don’t I wish I had been part of the upstairs audience. 😛 Today is part two of sD in NYC hosting MTV’s TRL. Screencaptures coming soon… There is something totally wrong with that on CD… Read More 2776125


Oh, now here’s something that SUCKS!!! I can’t get to my webpage files on my rewritable CD. I think it’s locked or something and I don’t know how to unlock it! So right now I’m currently uploading my soulDecision site to another CD so that I can work on my revamp. But this totally BITES!… Read More 2770656