another time

another time you can catch me keep a piece leave the rest eventually we’ll meet again someday with laughter Dean as a demon I couldn’t resist the quick screencaps of the trailer for the new season of Supernatural. Dean as a demon just makes me laugh a little. 🙂

envision the glow

just relax envision the glow near and bright soft and sweet even in this darkness never let hope go Daniel Carter of the All Blacks I love watching the ice bucket challenge videos. To the haters out there, go on and take your eyes elsewhere and stop trying to bring down the people who are…

you can’t be perfect

I skipped yesterday’s poem. WTH? And even though I think I was ahead I’ll still try for two today. Here it goes… Poem #1 you can’t be perfect even when you smile so sweet with all the right words Poem #2 maybe just one time as you take my offered hand you will laugh with…


I forgot I wanted to add this to my previous post and then realized it deserves its own post. Look at Jensen’s cute little moves. Shake it! 😉

Listworthy: Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles DOB: 1 March 1978 height: 6’1” degree of separation: 1 (Jensen => William Gregory Lee => me) my list or yours: mine First sighting: Probably a random episode of Days of Our Lives but definitely impressed with his turn on Dark Angel… I know, you’re thinking, she’s starting with Jensen Ackles? What about…