TWITL – week 10 – counting down

Tuesday – 05 March

Let the countdown begin!

I’m measuring my time until vacation by workdays. After today, just ten workdays until vacation! I AM EXCITED.

Threads, Instagram, and Facebook went down for a bit of time this morning. I didn’t really care about Facebook except that I have a group chat on Messenger and it was a bummer to not being able to chat with them for a bit of the time. Alas! I did care about Threads because it has become my main social media outlet. I like posting there and reading posts there. I was glad when it came back online. For some reason, I wasn’t too worried about Instagram.

While those platforms were down, I checked out my other social media accounts. Spoutible was in its own little world, per usual, and Bluesky was as mellow as it always is. Honestly, I find Bluesky a bit boring. Even when I try the “discover” tab, it’s rather dull. At least Spoutible is full of real people. I just wish more of my friends used it.

Friday – 08 March

Happy Birthday to my sweets! It’s nice when birthdays fall on Fridays, isn’t it?

Sunday – 10 March

Why is it already Sunday evening? Darn it! Here are some pictures of our weekend:


We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory on Friday night. So good!

how soon before it opens?!
The Delta is supposed to open soon
day drinking
day drinking on Saturday afternoon


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – The nicest thing I can say about this movie is that it looked pretty decent, Jason Momoa was having fun, and I liked the Guinness product placement. I am so glad I didn’t watch the movie in the theatre because I would have been angry about spending my money on it.

Wonka – Now this one, I should have watched at the movie theatre because IT IS MAGICAL. I loved that is started with a musical number and went on from there. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. I got teary eyed for some of it. I really did love it and the musical numbers were so very lovely.

this makes me sad
this makes me sad

Seven more work days until Ireland!!!

Tours booked for three of our days there. Looks like the highs will be in the 50s, along with showers. I don’t mind. I’ll be happy to be somewhere new and eating new foods and drinking a Guinness every day. Is that a crazy goal? 😉

aren't we cute?