lj, me

hump day

you mean to deceive me
every word from your lips
falls sweet with lies
you mean to convince me
take my hand into yours
this promise a disguise

Goodness me, it was freakin’ HOT today. Of course, I was in an air conditioned office so I didn’t really notice it until I walked out at 4:25pm and was hit with the hot air. YE GODS! It actually felt good for about 30 seconds then I started to sweat. Bah! I am so glad the weather is supposed to turn cool by the weekend. Thank goodness!

Did you all hear about the latest regarding Gmail? You can now make calls to phones from Gmail! I know, there’s Skype and others like it (though I can’t off hand think of any others like it) but if you already enjoy video chat on Gmail or have Google Voice, the ability to call from Gmail (using your GVoice number) is pretty sweet considering you’re not using any mobile minutes. For now it’s free to call the US or Canada. Hmmm, maybe I should start calling my Canadian friend. 😉