built on delusions

your life is a liebuilt on delusionsyou think you’re truethe light, the visionbut you’re nothingonly ever unforgivenunacknowledged and ignoredyour lies will eat youdevour your soulleaving only rotten bitsand you’ll wonder whyemptiness looms aheadeven in all the bustleuntil you confront the demonsyou created in your weaknessyour life is a liebuilt on delusions Tomorrow, I promise to…

this oblivion

how peaceful this oblivionthis silencethis darknessnothing hurtsnothing breathesonly a hint of somewhere elsebut is there something betterthan this oblivionthis quietthis comfortthis place to restthis place to stopwhy reach for the chaos ahead At least for my own sake I should give an account of these recent days. I will, just not yet.