the breeze cooling our kisses

won’t you stay with me
the breeze cooling our kisses
the sun on our skin

Sullivan Stapleton as Damien Scott in Strike Back

Apparently I am going to just keep doing screencaps of Strike Back if I keep watching it on my phone. I remember when it was more work to do screencaps now it’s so easy. Technology rocks.

Philip Winchester as Michael Stonebridge

Winchester always look so serious but I like it. And I tell ya, it’s so weird hearing his American accent! I like his English accent because it’s deeper and harder than his American. Weird, right? Although it’s hilarious when he does his Cartman impression. Holy heck!

I’ve talked about Strike Back so much that one of my good friends took the plunge and bought the blu-ray of season one (or season 2 if you live in the UK). I hope she likes it. 😉

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