until the light shines

the darkness rushes
spreading wide for a moment
until the light shines

What do you say when something horrible happens? What do you feel at the thought of the willful intent to destroy innocents? Do you pray to your gods, to the heavens, to the light? Do you try to find hope in such numbing despair? Do you give in to the darkness, let it into your heart, finding nothing but helplessness and desolation?

Or do you sway back to balance? Feel the darkness, let it in, then let it go. But you cannot banish it, you can only keep it at bay, somehow find harmony. Understand that it is there, it will always be there. Somehow you must find peace, bask in the joy, cry in the sorrow, love above all else…

So find your joy. Understand the beauty around you. Don’t forget to love…

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