heaven’s edge beckons

edge beckons
need and want a blur
rushing for release
yet just out of reach

closer and closer
almost there
veiling the world
in utter pleasure
left with
longing fulfilled

Henry as Charles Brandon
Henry in The Tudors

Sometimes as a challenge to myself, I take a word or phrase or name (usually a name, who am I kidding?) and write a poem using each letter of that name as the first letter of each line. When I first started this whole poem a day thing back in 2006 (WHAT?!), I amused myself those early days with writing poems that ended up spelling the names of my fellas. It was fun. Still is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I should be sad that it’s already Friday but I’m not. I’m only working two days next week (Monday and Tuesday), so I’m feeling pretty chill right now. LOL

Oh, and I have not yet read a romance novel today! Instead, I’m writing a short story. Yah! It’s a romance story, of course. Not sure how many words I want it or if anyone will get to read it but keeping in the confines of a short story might help in actually completing it. We shall see.