TWITL – week thirty – summer sunshine and a bit of laughter

I’m at the end of my long weekend. I spent a lot of it doing screenshots of this Chris and that Chris. It’s a little out of control but I do like having choices when it comes to posting to the Besotted account.

Justice League

I also did some Justice League screenshots and the one above is probably my favorite of the bunch because I love the look of it. And as much as I love the MCU movies, my one true superhero is Superman, especially as played by Henry Cavill. I hope he gets the chance to play him again because he really is my favorite version…

I'm Only Joking
Jack Whitehall – I’m Only Joking

Jack Whitehall – I’m Only Joking (Netflix) – So happy to watch something new of Jack Whitehall! He’s a funny lad and I enjoyed his latest special on Netflix. If you want to laugh about silly things, Jack is just the trick.

Bubble Waffle Sundae
Bubble Waffle Sundae

We had Sip and Scoop for breakfast today and I ordered a Bubble Waffle Sundae. SO GOOD!!! I think this is the first time I’ve had a sundae for breakfast. A bit decadent, eh?

Thor Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Someone I know is living her last days and my heart is heavy for her pain and her family’s impending loss. It’s just no fair that someone with such a good heart and a caring soul should be departing from this world much too soon. I know she has her loved ones at her side and I hope their love eases her into the next world when it’s time. And I hope she knows that I will always think of her with a smile and miss hearing her voice…

this pattern

I’d write more but it’s almost bedtime and I have clothes to put away. A good week to all of you! (Does anyone really read this?)