TWITL – week 9 – easy smiles

TUESDAY – 27 February

This month is surely flying by. It’s always my busiest month and this year it’s compounded by the addition of expulsions. Alas.

We had Chinese food for dinner last night and that was in my fortune cookie. “Adversity is the prosperity of the great.” Interesting!

I finished reading a Harlequin Presents romance novel last night. I love those easy reads. It was a decent story but I’ve realized a few things:

  • I like when the characters are a bit older. I suppose in the Harlequin Presents stories, the characters have to be relatively young but if at all possible, it’s nice when the characters are at least in their late 20s. I’m just not too interested nowadays in reading about female characters in their early 20s with male characters in their 30s. I find it a bit cringey.
  • I like when the female character is just as established in her career as the male characters, which seems hardly the case in certain types of romance novel lines. I’m sure I just need to venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to the romance novels but perhaps I’m just lazy.
  • I like when the characters are nearly the same age and even if, <gasp>, the main male character is a tiny bit younger than the female character. I think that if there must be an age difference, five years is a good amount of time.

flowers by LHS

SATURDAY – 2 March

If I had a picture with my old high school classmate, I would post it today because it’s his birthday today! We also worked together at the movie theatre and I remember when we threw taco sauce packets at each other. All in good fun. I have his high school football picture in one of my albums, which is in storage somewhere.

Oh, EARTHQUAKES! We had one on Wednesday night and then another on Thursday night! I was sitting on the couch for both of the them. The one on Wednesday was a JOLTER! Yowsa! The house shook, then I heard a rumble, then the house shook again. It was WILD.

SUNDAY – 3 March

On Thursday, I received a DM saying that I won a goodies basket from our local wine bar! Neat-oh! One of our local realtors had posted on IG a week or so ago about the goodies basket and I thought, “Why not?” I ended up winning! Go me! He brought over the basket on Friday and it’s got some good stuff in it. Can’t wait to get into it.

the goodies basket
me, goodies basket, Grant

Yesterday afternoon I attended a bridal sprinkle party. Such a lovely time for an amazing lady. She has really brought so much heart to my workplace and I’m so glad she’s my boss and a friend. The party was an activity! We started with a blank canvas then a cut-out of Frida Kahlo to put on the canvas. We could paint on it, add flowers, and other sparkle. Even though we all started with that same blank canvas and the same cut-out of Frida Kahlo, none of our creations were the same. It was so much fun! Our instructor was amazing and her place was fantastic. I want to do something like that again.

contemplating my next move
loved spending time with these lovelies


Dune: Part Two – Watched the first show in the IMAX auditorium today. I’m glad I watched it on the biggest screen. It was beautiful (of course) and loud (yowsa!) and so striking. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the books so in the back of mind, I was comparing what was happening on screen to what I remembered from the books. The movie is good but it feels like a piece of a whole that is yet incomplete. I hope we’re getting a third movie! (I bet we get a third movie.)

it's fun going to the movies

I went to the showing alone and actually had someone sit next to me. I was hoping that the seat next to me would stay unoccupied but alas, no. He was a tall, thin fella and when the movie got loud, he actually covered his ears a little. It was interesting. He seemed to enjoy the movie well enough though. It’s weird sitting next to stranger.

The weather turned to a bit cold and a lot rainy the past few days. I don’t mind so much. I like wearing my coats and sweaters. It’ll end too soon, as far I’m concerned.

Should I frame it?

Just twelve working days until vacation. Need to start booking some tours soon!