pretending to forget you

you think it’s easy pretending to forget you even when you’re there 4th of July fireworks in Pleasant Hill

the cool of the breeze

remember this the touch of sunshine the cool of the breeze the rustle of the leaves the peace of this eternal rest my grandfather’s gravemarker We were going that way so we stopped by to visit my grandfather’s grave. It was appropriate, as it’s Memorial Day weekend and he served in the US Army during…

stealing a breath and heartbeat

Two poems since I forgot to post yesterday. WTH?! poem #1 the thrill rushes quick stealing a breath and heartbeat unexpectedly poem #2 just give it a chance confess a part of your heart you might be surprised The weekends scuttle by so quickly, especially when they’re not the lovely three day kinds. Alas. I’ve…

starting with a kiss

let me take your hand lead your heart to love so sweet starting with a kiss yummy yummy garlic fries!

’til you smiled at me

I just never thought you would ever look my way ’til you smiled at me First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to those who celebrate the Lunar New Year! 🙂 Today we went over to Pleasant Hill for dinner with the cousins. Always good times! 🙂 Now I must sleep.

whispered so sweetly

have I lost myself with my name soft on your lips whispered so sweetly We had lunch with my parents today at Harry’s Hofbrau. I miss having one of those here! Good food. 🙂 We hung out for awhile then headed home. We ended up watching the first two eps of the first series of…

where the heck I have been?!

So, no poetry today but I will make up for the days I missed, promise. Well, it’s mostly a promise to myself. 🙂 Let’s work backwards! Yes, I hit the 50,000 words mark! GO ME! But maybe you’re saying, “Oh Valerie, you’ve done it before, so whatever.” Well sure, I’ve done it before but I’ll…

where the angels laugh and fly

does the music play where the angels laugh and fly higher than heaven Thanksgiving 2004 It’s been a year since Gary died. Sometimes I think he’s still around somewhere, cracking a wise ass joke or puttering around his house. But he’s not. We can’t even visit him because his ashes have yet to be laid…

a year ago

A year ago was a difficult and trying time in our lives. I felt a bit outside of it though I certainly had my opinions and thoughts about everything that was happening. I kept a private diary of that time in my life, writing candidly as events unfolded. I had almost forgotten that I had…

will you hold me close

will you hold me close chase away the falling tears help me catch my breath Happy birthday to my niece, Kristen! she’s a bit irresistible, eh?

take a breath before falling

why can’t I just rest take a breath before falling dreamless into sleep I am so exhausted but for some reason I can’t just rest a little. Maybe I’ll end up going to sleep early tonight. Until then I suppose I should tell my tale of Sunday.

so hard to pity

so hard to pity faced with such blind selfishness and rude disregard my sunshine time Happy Birthday to Kristian! Happy Birthday to Sienna! 😀 I love videochatting with my niece. She’s a hoot! And so smart and adorable. She makes me smile whenever I talk to her and it truly makes me happy that she…