tell me again

tell me again
how much you care
you care so much
it’s hard to bear
tell me again
you’re lost without me
without me there
to set you free
tell me again
how empty you feel
you feel so alone
it can’t be real

The phones didn’t really calm down until late in the afternoon today at work. I heard from people with differing views. My favorite has to be the senior citizen who said that she thought the punishments weren’t severe enough. I couldn’t help but smile while talking to her. I also liked the grandmother who said that her grandson did not participate after talking to his mother about it. Good for him! The press calls were quickly transferred. Only one news station came out to our offices.

a moment of peace

Brentwood high school pranksters take legal action

Personally speaking,the parents should consider themselves lucky if their precious children are not charged with misdemeanors (at the very least) for vandalism. Suspension and not walking during graduation are the least of their worries, I would think. Want to know what’s permanent on your record? An arrest. And I think some people need to be reminded that walking across that stage for graduation is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. It’s not just about the grades you earned, it’s about the way you conducted yourself during those years…

I could probably write a whole essay about this whole mess but I’ll wait for a locked post. 😉

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