eq, poetry

simply can’t compare to this

the depths of my dreams
simply can’t compare to this
one moment with you

just a bit chilly

First day back to work! It would have been a lovely and quiet day except for a bit of drama regarding paychecks. I’ll not bore you all with the details but I will say that it’s annoying when people who are essentially co-workers treat me like I’m a customer service rep who’s made to cater to their whims. I had a person who didn’t care for what I had to say though it was merely a statement of fact and acted like it was my fault he wasn’t getting what he wanted. There was NOTHING I nor anyone else could do about his situation. And oh, it’s also not our fault that payroll might not have the right address for you. Making sure your contact information is current and accurate is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Otherwise, it was a decent day. The kids are still out on break so it was mostly quiet for us. It’s nice to come back to work when it’s slow. 😉

We watched House of the Dead 2 this evening. I’m not much into zombie movies (zombies are kinda gross, eh?) but since Ed Quinn is in it I just had to watch it. Emmanuelle Vaugier was the female lead and Victoria Pratt played one of the soldiers. Always nice seeing Victoria Pratt in stuff, she’s kickass tough and pretty. 🙂 The movie was super cheesy and gross in parts but EQ looked good so that pretty much kept me hooked. I’m easy like that.