losing track of time

just leave me gazing
into those sweet eyes of yours
losing track of time

He Has Heart
Actor DAN FEUERRIEGEL of ‘Spartacus’ from our ‘IN THE TUB’ Coffee Table Book shoot (Profits to Breast Cancer Research) – TJ Scott

If you view the big pic of that shot of Dan, his green eyes just catch you. Or perhaps I just like green eyes. When that book comes out, I MUST buy it. The photos are amazing!

Work was almost overwhelming today. I didn’t even take the time to put my phone on the charger (not that it ever really needs to be charged, I’m just a little paranoid and like having a fully charged phone). I got through a big stack of paperwork. Go me! LOL


Rogue – It’s nice seeing Marton Csokas in a tv show. It’s a DirecTV exclusive and I’d guess if it was rated, it would be R. Sex and violence will do that. Oh, and cussing. LOL! I’m intrigued enough to keep watching. Oh, bonus listening to the non-American actors work against their accents. Oh, and double bonus– it’s set in the Bay Area (though the exterior TV version of Santa Rita is NOTHING like the real deal– I know). Looking forward to more!

The Big Bang Theory – Another funny episode. This season has really been tops for what has become my favorite comedy. I have laughed at some point with each episode, never fails.