has this fervor cooled

has this fervor cooled
fading to a steady glow
soothing to the touch

Holli love

I’m so glad the weekend is now upon us. The A’s game is winding down, heading to the 9th inning right now. It’s nice winding down to baseball. The game forces you to relax a little. πŸ˜‰ Now the game is over! And the A’s won. YAH!

the handwritten version of today’s poem

New neighbors moving in next door… The weather has been weird this week… I recorded my Crusaders but saw the score, so I wonder if I should just delete the recording… Still loving that Robin Thicke song (“Blurred Lines”) so much that I actually want to dance. But only when it’s playing. LOL… Walking to work is getting old… I think all the ice cream I’ve been eating has been a reason for my weird dreams…