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TWITL – week thirty-seven – just out of your reach

do you dream of me
a figment calling to you
just out of your reach

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“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I have hit the 100,000 words on this story. This is just a little crazy. It’s probably close to finished but I’m taking my time on it because I know that I’m going to end up going back to clean it up. The beginning is going to have to have a serious re-write (I didn’t have names for the characters for a lot of the beginning, so that was pretty interesting). Not sure if anyone is going to read the story but I think that wouldn’t really happen until I do a big edit on it.

Simon Kassianides in Pearson


Pearson – “The Rival” – Another good episode but oh so light on Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides). His storyline, admittedly secondary, will have repercussions on the other characters so why are we spending so little time on him?! Also, why is he always in bad lighting? (I say this as a fangirl who likes doing screenshots.) Can’t wait to see how the season ends and I do so hope that there is a second season because if the season ends with a major cliffhanger, I’m going to scream. Just sayin’.


Old Dominion – self-titled album (to be released October 25, 2019, available for pre-order) – So yes, I pre-ordered Old Dominion’s upcoming album because I seem to love every song they put out. This week, they released the song “Midnight Mess Around.” Holy sexy song alert! I am digging it. So let me say, give the song a listen and maybe go ahead and pre-order the album. The other songs that have been released from the album are pretty good too.

Leave Her Wild” – Tyler Rich – Still high on Tyler’s latest single. Give it a spin, add it to your favorite music streaming playlists, request it on your local radio station.

these two
these two make me laugh

In just a couple of weeks, it will be Fall Break for our district. Even though I don’t get days off during break unless I take them, I still look forward the breaks because work usually (hopefully) calms down a bit. I’m also looking forward to cooler days because I’d really like to wear my vest jacket. I’m ready for summer to give way to autumn…