TWITL – week twenty-six – early summer days

Summer is upon us! It’s a strange sort of summer without baseball to watch on tv or concerts to attend or fireworks to oooh and aaah over on the hillside behind my cousin’s house. Nature doesn’t care that we should social distance, wear masks, wash our hands all the time. No, the sun keeps shining, the days are longer, the air is hotter.

Jack just because

I’ve realized during this shelter in place that I don’t mind staying home. Do I miss going out? Maybe a little. Do I miss seeing my family and friends? Most definitely. Yet I find that I can keep in touch with family and friends via messaging or even (gasp!) talking on the phone. We subscribe to a fair amount of streaming services so I should never say “there’s nothing to watch.” I’ve always found grocery shopping to be a chore and now we’ve been using Instacart. We order from Door Dash a lot, which has given me the opportunity to try out different sushi places. I have enjoyed working from home and have learned to figure out my workload to be more efficient.

I realize that a lot of people are going stir crazy and want or need more to do. At some point, there just aren’t enough books or movies to consume and you need social interaction. I totally get that. I just haven’t gotten there yet. I’m fine with being at home or being at work. The only other place I wouldn’t mind visiting is either the bar or the library. When those places are open (especially the library), I might want to venture out then.

Chris Conrad


So, on June 30th (tomorrow, if I get this online today), I am going to open up a fan account called Besotted by Chris. The tagline is “My Chris, Your Chris, Our Chris.” “Our Chris” is Chris Conrad and the 30th is his birthday and I thought, there is no better day to open this fan account! The IG will be the main account, I think, but just in case, I am also opening Tumblr and Twitter accounts. The name is reserved and I’m ready to go! No, I don’t know why I’m doing it except I have been doing all these screenshots of Hemsworth and a little bit of Evans and I thought, why not share some of them with the world but not on my personal accounts? (Although I will still keep posting Hemsworth on my personal account because he is the main muse right now.) Also, this gives me an excuse to also post a little Pine in there…

Avengers: Infinity War
::sigh:: Captain America


  • This is my last week working (mostly) from home. I’m a little sad about it. I like not having to iron work clothes. You know, that’s really most of it. Also, I’ll miss waking up a little later and not having to do much but take a shower and turn on my computer for work…
  • I don’t like the hot weather very much. I am so thankful for air conditioning, especially when I’m at work.
  • My writing has stalled a bit and I keep going back to my other stories– both finished and incomplete– just to spark my creativity a bit. I’m annoyed that I haven’t finished the re-write on that one story. And I’m oddly pleased with the stories I have finished. Sometimes I wonder why I write any of these stories when I won’t let anyone read them. Yet I keep writing…
12 Strong
Hemsworth in 12 Strong