TWITL – week eleven – Almost spring

I remember when I looked forward to spring. It was this swell of excitement for the fresher air, the warmer days, the blue skies, and the bright sunshine. I didn’t like the lull of winter after the holidays. I didn’t care for the cold days or the longer nights.

I started my weekend with wine and garlic parmesan popcorn
Friday treat – garlic parmesan popcorn & a glass of Pinot Grigio

But now I feel as though winter doesn’t last quite long enough. I don’t get many days to wear my heavier jackets or sweaters or beanies. I want more days to sit on my couch wearing sweats and a hoodie. I like going out wearing jeans with a zip up hoodie or sweatshirts. Such are the seasons, they fly so fast.

The last full week of winter has passed. The weather was cool and windy but clear and sunny. I stuffed a lot of envelopes and expect a bunch of signed paperwork back to me in the coming days. The last day of 3rd quarter was Friday and the students are now free for two weeks. Lucky them! Of course, that means I’ll be taking days off here and there. I plan on eventually watching Captain Marvel.

Brentwood Farmers Market
Week Three of the Brentwood Farmers Market

Saturday was the first Farmers Market without rain. Joy! We missed last week but went out this weekend because I wanted some kettle corn and a mimosa (or two). It was great to see all the people out for the market. It was still just First Street but I expect it’ll open up to Oak Street soon enough.

Mimosa #1 on Saturday
Mimosa number one

I had my two mimosas (the one above and another one). I bought my kettle corn (the big bag because the other one from week one didn’t last the whole week). We ended up having breakfast at MJ’s. I had the corned beef eggs benedict. It was very good.

breakfast at MJ's
breakfast at MJ’s

Sunday was the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl. I didn’t buy a ticket but the hubby did. I got to enjoy a couple of his drinks while he ordered beer most of the way. The midori margarita at the Iguana Bar was good. We ran into my cousin and his wife and daughter. It was so great catching up with them! We saw them when they were headed to one of the bars then we found them again at their second bar. We probably should have taken pictures together but it was so crowded. Next time!

Stuffed salmon at Sweeney's
stuffed salmon at Sweeney’s

We ended the pub crawl with dinner at Sweeney’s. I thought I was going to get the corned beef and cabbage but I ended up with the stuffed salmon. It was so good! All in all, a great weekend of walking and eating and drinking– all without driving because we can walk to downtown!


My Crusaders didn’t play this weekend. Their match was cancelled because of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. When the news hit, I was shocked then angry then heartbroken. You know the world is a sort of wreck when a place like New Zealand experiences such a hateful event. I have faith that they will come out of this stronger. They will do what needs to be done to prevent such a thing from happening again…

I finished Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and I already want to read it again. I borrowed it digitally from the library and now I’m contemplating buying it as a paperback. I confess, I read it because I wanted to have some background when I watch the series on Amazon Prime (May 31st)…

Caught up on Blindspot and got a like from Sully on my comment to his St. Patrick’s Day post. Ahh, the little things…

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