TWITL – week 7 – intermittent sunshine

MONDAY – 12 February

It was a good thing to have the day after the Super Bowl off. Still not happy about the Niners losing. 🙁

WEDNESDAY – 14 February

Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day. As much as I love reading romance novels and occasionally watching rom-coms, I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day. It’s a “grand gesture” sort of greeting card holiday and not one that we’ve really fussed about for the longest time. Is this the result of being married for so long? I’ve come to appreciate the little things and being grateful for the bits of joy and beauty each day brings.

thank you, Ezzie
Ezzie is so sweet…

THURSDAY – 15 February

Twenty-two years ago, Kevin Tod Smith died. I think of him with a smile and always with gratitude. I am grateful for those moments of being in the same space with him, for the friends made because of him, for the laughter and love shared because of him. It’s almost easy to watch him as Ares on Xena and Hercules but a little harder with his other roles. We watched the Lawless movies he did and those filled me with melancholy and the notion of, “What could have been.”

I’ve toyed with writing another Kiari adventure and where she goes, so to Ares as played by Kevin. When I imagine Ares speaking, I still hear him. The dark laughter, the sliver of seduction. I still hear him as Ares.


Kevin was 38 when he died. He would have turned 39 a month later in March. Is it strange that in my mind, he’s still older than me? We didn’t get to watch him age into his 40s or 50s so I suppose I’m still picturing myself as a 30 year old when I think of him being older than me. It is WILD to think his oldest son is older than I was when his father died. Damn, time flies.

Black Angus

I love three day weekends. It’s just a great way to decompress and just rest. I’m sitting here at the end of it, wishing it wasn’t almost over but glad to have had the time to relax. We went out on Saturday for a hair cut then lunch at Black Angus. The bartender remembered us! So sweet. Food was good. Prime rib, yum!

I finally finished Jessica Simpson’s Open Book. It was a good read. I had checked the book out through Libby but I wonder if the audiobook would have been better. I might have gotten through it faster.

I’ve started listening to John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades and I’m enjoying it so far. I probably should have started it soon after listening to the first book but it’s been easy enough to follow.

Just four days of work this week. Nice! Hope everyone has a good one.