TWITL – week 8 – sunshine through the clouds

MONDAY – 19 February

Is it weird that I remember that it’s someone’s birthday today? Too bad he’s not on social media.

company picnic
no, my name was never “Valerie Hayward”

TUESDAY – 20 February

Back to work today. It was a dreary gray day and the rain started in the afternoon. I was able to take my walk to the library so small blessings, I suppose. I had my window open until it started raining. The breeze was lovely…

WEDNESDAY – 21 February

We’ll be in Ireland in a month. I AM SO EXCITED!!! We need to book a couple of tours so that we get out of Dublin a couple of times but otherwise I’m just looking forward to going to different pubs and restaurants and shops and just enjoying somewhere different. I’m also looking forward to the accents. πŸ˜‰

Have I ever mentioned that I love reading a particular gossip blog? I do! They report on a lot of royal gossip, mostly adoring the Sussexes and mostly wondering what the purpose of the British royal family is. This gossip blog is one of the only places where I *like* to read the comments. Most of the people who comment love the tsismis, of course, but they also have thoughtful perspectives. It’s not all “oh, they suck!” or “oh, I just love them!”

I mention all of this because there’s a bit of a thread on one of the recent posts about how the Sussexes should have an IG. They do not, instead relying on updating their recently launched website to post news and photos. The Sussexes have made it quite clear that they do not like social media so it’s not really a surprise that they aren’t using it. And I’m all for it. Let’s get back to posting on our own domains instead of relying on social media to house our content. I say this even though I love my social media. Having your own website, where you can control your own content and the people who might comment, is the ideal thing. Maybe I’m old school (no maybe, I am) but I still look for the “official” sites for the people I follow and I appreciate them even more when their sites are current and updated. Even if their sites aren’t updated and merely point to where else on the internet you can find them, it’s still a good thing. Don’t depend on the social media for your presence on the internet, my lovelies.

"Protect Us"
William Gregory Lee on the episode, “Protect Us,” of Genius: MLK/X

I was randomly looking through the IMDB and saw that Greg had a new credit so of course I had to check it out. I did some screenshots but didn’t listen to his few scenes. After the screenshots, I checked the IMDB on the filming location for this iteration of the show and yes, it was Atlanta, Georgia. Why do I feel like Greg has moved back to the east coast, perhaps even to Georgia? His latest credits have been for productions that filmed in Georgia. I wonder if I would see him whenever I finally go to Georgia to visit. Now that would be cool.

SUNDAY – 25 February

I was super annoyed the other day from a comment on something I posted. I wanted to vent about it, so I took it to Spoutible. I was glad for the support on my feelings about the scenario. It’s easy to dismiss things that are said online and I’ve done that most of the time. The fact that this time I needed to vent meant that the annoyance had built up enough for me to say something. I should probably talk about here but maybe as a “disconnected” post. Hmm, now there’s a thought.

part of my work desk


Oppenheimer – We watched this one last night (Saturday). It started off a little slow but it picked up after the first hour. I thought it was well done and super interesting. It’s a very encompassing movie with non-linear storytelling but it weaves its way well enough. So many familiar faces in the cast! Cillian Murphy was amazing, of course. Emily Blunt seemed a bit underused. Florence Pugh made the most out of her scenes. Robert Downey Jr. was excellent as well. I’ve now seen two of the 2024 Oscar nominees for best picture and if I had to choose, well, I think I would choose this movie to win. (Though it would ROCK if Barbie wins.)

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One – These movies never disappoint in terms of action sequences and the latest one has them in spades. Another action packed installment with gorgeous vistas and heart stopping action. The non-actions sequences were thrilling in their own ways. And of course, there has to be a gut punch or two. Cannot wait to see how this one ends. The next one will be the last, right?

beautiful sky

Here’s to a good week to you all! It’s going to be a 5 day work week after two 4 day work weeks. I miss the long weekends already. Oh well!