TWITL – week four

he doesn’t know the light in her eyes belongs to him the laughter sings just for him he wouldn’t believe why she stays day after day why she waits night after night he only knows she’s always there the laughter in her eyes lighting his heart he wonders how long she’ll wait how long she’ll… Read More TWITL – week four

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TWITL – week one

it begins with a smile the undeniable spark lighting the eyes so warm and dark then the hesitation the first whisper of the name the shift and tilt of the world will never be the same as if all the dreams converged in this moment in this touch something brighter something just a little too… Read More TWITL – week one

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you’re so beautiful

you’re so beautiful maybe it won’t hurt when you break my heart let me just remember every touch let me just laugh with sweet reverie you’re so beautiful I’m sure I’ll forget the moment you let go say your goodbyes with such sweet regret as if your heart breaks just as slow a shatter you’re… Read More you’re so beautiful

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Beyond Listworthy: Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic / #TylerRich #MySpellbreaker)

photo by Matt Misisco name: Tyler Rich DOB: 24 February 19xx height: 6’ degree of separation: 0 my list or yours: mine First sighting: March 2015 or so First meeting: April 30, 2015 So, “beyond listworthy.” This is a new designation for me and I think one I’ll not likely use again. Yes, Tyler Rich… Read More Beyond Listworthy: Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic / #TylerRich #MySpellbreaker)